Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mud tests

After our first research trip to Hampstead Heath we came back with a bag of soggy mud! We soaked and sieved the mud from the leaves and sand through old screen printing mesh. We mixed the mud with a little Gum Arabic which gave the material some substance. We will later try this with egg as a substitute to medium or other chemical compounds. After a night in the dry studio the mud remained on the paper, which are all good signs.
Initial tests on mud marking can be seen below.

We came across this short film (fastforward to midway) by CTT from Portugal.
 'The first poster to be printed with mud'


  1. perfect..! I look forward to it! :-)

    - Jenny

  2. Did it stay on the paper permanently? I have worked with matte varnishes in the past to achieve something similar but want to try and keep the work as "natural" as possible