Thursday, 17 January 2013

Art of Materials

jLooking at how artists and designers use natural or man made materials can influence how we interpret and create interventions in our own work and viewpoints. Here are a few makers:

that demonstrates an inventive use of natural resources

Adrain Berg's 
perspective drawings of landcapes and rural environments.

Lindsey Fox
Pattern made with Ginkgo leaves

Gaylord Schanilec
The River is a study of the 22-mile length of the upper Mississippi River known as Lake Pepin, or Pool Number 4 by the Army Corps of Engineers. Using block printing & engraving.

"I view myself as something of a modern day natural philosopher swimming in the wake of Darwin, or Thoreau".

Michael Johansson 'self contained', 2010
"objects gain their value through the situations in which they are placed - in other words, what defines the value of an object is not the material it is made from or the function it serves, but its position in a context"

(Raw+material=Art, Thames & Hudson)

Zadok Ben-David
His work cross-polluates sculpture (steel) within the natural environment.

...'a metaphor for human behaviour and feeling'

(Raw+material=Art, Thames & Hudson)

Klus Dauven

Reserve graffiti or anti-graffiti

Removing dirt and debris from the environment via pressure wash.

Rosemarie Fiore
Smoke Paintings

lit firework smoke residue , smoke
painting machine, camera, pole, paper
process shot

Jose Enrique Porras Gomez

Using wooden palettes to create installations 
and engravings.

Jae-Hyo Lee

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