Monday, 7 January 2013

Hampstead Heath research

Saturday 5th Jan we cycled out to Hampstead Heath to check ideal locations for the first print workshop. Rain had poured down for several weeks before, so the heath was more like a bog, not ideal for road bikes but good preparation for possible bad weather on 30.1.13. We earmarked a good spot with a shelter in case of rain or snow. We have small and large wooded areas, fields, meadows and ponds in walking distance. We took some very soggy mud and shells to test possible printing matter.
Our intentions are to use what is around us and bring as little as possible with us. We are researching into past masters work with egg, natural materials, paints and translating the book from Italian to English. The Heath is an ideal location as it crosses from urban to rural. We can be in the city but also be transported to a English countryside within a blink. The harsh skyline of the city but with the soft  songs of the birds enables to entwine both. We envisage this location to either confuse or bind the students with the juxtaposed environments and who knows what will be thrown at us on the day.

Over the next few weeks we need to research & experiment with materials, source paper  and collate a list of things to take. We intend to meet with the whole team the week before and set out some jobs for everyone.

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