Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Screen printing in the Heygate/reflections

print on the surfaces (pic Lizzie)

Some reflections after the day:
 I've learnt  that your environment really does make a difference to what work you come up with, and how it informs what you already have in mind. (Shuhena)

It made me travel to another epoque and imagine the lives of the people who used to live there. I could really feel those lives around me while printing. (Maria)

On reflection, Hampstead was about using what was available in environment such as direct mud prints, where as at Heygate we responded to the environment through a medium. (William)

'A mistake' can be turned into a good piece of work. If I was working in the studio, I'd start to work again but working outside required me to respond quickly (Jenny) 
...To accept spontaneity and unplanned developments and accidents as a creative benefit (Philly) 

The main thing I learned was that screen printing doesn't have to be kept inside the studio. And being outside really made my work more spontaneous and responsive to the slightly eerie atmosphere of the estate. (Lizzie) 

Heygate Estate printing session (pic Lizzie)
stencil printing
I'm really interested in repeating the experience, but this time only using natural dyes and things you find in the environment to make your patterns and final prints and somehow combining the two workshop experiences together in order to take with you for a printing day just few essential things like the screen, maybe a pre-prepared natural colour and some paper to make the experience even more interesting and unpredictable. (Nina)
The freedom to print anywhere such as the walls or the floors really appealed to me, I really enjoyed getting stuck in with different colours and trying out different techniques (Hector).

I learnt about colour, awareness of the heygate estate's story and the people that live(d) there, street art ideas, a sense that any area can be transformed very quickly, the ability of nature to 'reclaim' manmade objects when left alone (Oliver).

Watch Barbara discuss the project fro Green Week at LCC
Collective print (pic Lizzie)

(Pics by Philly)


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