Thursday, 21 February 2013

Drawing in Arctic Water (Tracey Rowledge)

Artist & bookbinder Tracey Rowledge's project with Cape farewell

'Drawing in Arctic Water' shows us how the environment and materials fuse together.

Article written by Nancy Campbell (editor of Printmaking Today)
"It's a preoccupation - how and why we make marks, and what they mean to me and to other people. A mark always evokes an emotional response," Rowledge says. She rescues notes on scraps of paper discarded in London's gutters, and gold tools them onto leather, the gilt impression true to each scribble and smudge. Bookbinding enables her to use "a non-gestural process to create something that evokes movement and spontaneity - and yet it's completely embedded in the tradition and processes of gold tooling. I love that extreme play."

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